Series Introduction

  • Portrait of Paul Koch

    Dean Paul Koch

    Paul Koch is a professor of Earth and planetary sciences and the dean of the Division of Physical and Biological Sciences at UC Santa Cruz. Paul is internationally known as an innovator in the use of chemistry as a forensic tool to determine the diets, habitats, and physiological states of individual fossil or living animals.

  • Featured Speakers & Panelists

  • Portrait of Noah Diffenbaugh

    Noah Diffenbaugh

    Noah Diffenbaugh is a Kara J. Foundation Professor of Earth System Science and a Kimmelman Family Senior Fellow at Stanford University. He studies the climate system, including the processes by which climate change could impact agriculture, water resources, and human health.

  • Portrait of Fred Keeley

    Fred Keeley

    Fred Keeley is an ocean policy leader. He was a three-term member of California State Assembly and recently retired Treasurer of Santa Cruz County. Currently, Fred a professor of public administration at San Jose State University, and at the Panetta Institute for Public Policy.

  • Portrait of Stacy Philpott

    Stacy Philpott

    Stacy Philpott is a professor of environmental studies and the director of the Center for Agroecology & Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS) at UC Santa Cruz. Her research interests include community ecology, ecosystem services, urban agroecology, and interactions between agriculture, conservation, and farmer livelihoods.

  • Aditi Sen portrait

    Aditi Sen

    Aditi Sen is a health economist and assistant professor of health policy and management at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Her research addresses the potential of innovative payment and delivery models, as well as insurance design, to improve the quality and value of health care. 

  • Panel Moderator

  • Portrait of Katharyne Mitchell

    Katharyne Mitchell

    Katharyne Mitchell is a professor of sociology and the dean of the Division of Social Sciences at UC Santa Cruz. Her current research explores the role of faith-based organizations in providing humanitarian aid and refuge to migrants.